The global network of creators
to build sustainable companies of tomorrow.

The next renaissance

Systematic issues require interdisciplinary solutions.
Whether you are a specialist, polymath, technophile, or modern philosopher, you have a role in what the future will look like.
Join other domain experts and industry leaders across disciplines in creating a sustainable future.
Here is where the next renaissance emerges.

diverse network

to foster divergent thinking, this group consists of global citizens across geographies and members covering a range of disciplines - in design, technology, science, politics, and business.

idea playground

to develop your idea or business in a safe space, with a wealth of knowledge, and alongside fellow innovators driven by the same purpose. This is learning and innovating as creative play.

virtual coffees

to connect with people across the globe. Members can naturally connect on specific topics in the private slack channels, as well as have the option of one-on-ones facilitated through virtual coffees.

a collective

sharing the same earth, joined by a common purpose.
To build a world for future generations.

choose your journey

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
We all have a role in achieving them.
Which goal speaks more to you?

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